How to Craft Product Descriptions that convert.


For years I’ve seen lots of stores do a very poor job with their product descriptions. It honestly doesn’t look good. There are many things left out, done badly, unattractive elements and a long list of off-putting factors.


But I believe it’s not their fault most of the time. 


It is a shame this is what certain “gurus” out there have been teaching, trying to convince people this online selling thing is as easy as slapping a bunch of products on your store, maybe through Oberlo (or any other importing app) and running some ads. 


Sadly it is not.


Add to that a disproportionately amount of gimmicky apps (countdown timers, visitors count, security and trust badges everywhere, etc.) and it begins to look very bad for your customer, who’s already hitting the back button.


The result is a Product Page that looks lazy, scammy, chaotic, uninteresting and of course, non-converting.


As I’ve metioned before, your customers are looking to compare your product against others they might be currently looking at, or have seen before. They’re in the mindset of selecting, of choosing, instead of learning and being “pushed” to the checkout page. So if you’re emphasizing the latter, you’re failing to give them information they are actively looking to make a decision.


So, let’s make it very simple for you to change your product pages for the better.


In this post I’ll give you a highly effective step-by-step guide to create your product descriptions properly, like the top stores who sell everyday do: In a way that entice your visitors to choose your products and increase your store results.


This is taken right out from our Shopify Conversion Guide ebook. Hope it helps you greatly. 






Persuasive Product Description Structure.


You need to give an enticing format to your product descriptions. Please, don’t make the mistake many people do of being lazy on your product descriptions. Your visitors need to know why they should buy your products, not finding generic information without much emotion, information copied from your supplier or worst, an empty description section.


First use a persuasive description of the specific product, then you can talk about the benefits, why they need it, talk about scientific evidence, etc.


In the first part of creating your descriptions, there is something you need to do to ensure you have the best chances to powerfully persuade your customers to purchase:


1. List 5-7 advantages your customer will receive for having this product.


2. Then list 5-7 disadvantages if your visitor doesn’t have this product or disadvantages from the competition.


3. Then craft your product descriptions by emphasizing the advantages while decreasing the disadvantages in the eye of your customer, like this:


- “With this [product] you get this [advantage] and this [advantage] while avoiding this [disadvantage]”, or

- “Why keep getting this [disadvantage] and such [disadvantage] when you can have this [product] which gives you this [advantage] and this [advantage]?”


4. Then “sprinkle” this paragraph or add another paragraph describing your product but adding some Powerwords from the bonus that came with this guide (this is included for Free when you get your copy of the Shopify Conversion Guide), for an extra enticing mental image that will persuade your customer much better (use 3 to 5 Powerwords for each pharagraph).




5. Next, add some bullets explaining exactly what the product is, the material, quantity, weight, size, etc. Everything that the customer gets, so there’s no doubt about what they’ll receive.


• Material: Cotton.

• Quantity: 4 balls; Basketball, Football, Baseball and Soccer.

• Weight: 12g.

• Size: 6cm each.


6. Continue by adding extra information with relevant details about:

- Shipping & Delivery:

Ex. “Delivery in 3-7 days.”

- Details about the packaging (like things included): 

Ex. “Comes with straps.”

- Other relevant details:

Ex: “Best for small to medium sized dogs.”



7. Now, add your brand’s purpose, theme or vision.


This section can be repeated in all of your products as the final part of your description. The reason to include it is because many people arrive to your store through your product pages and never bother to visit other pages, so this is a chance for they to get to know you right there and increase trust.


So in this part, add 2 to 3 pharagraphs about your store’s mission, purpose or theme you’ve created in the beginning of the Shopify Conversion Guide. You can add videos, images, illustrations or icons to make it more entertaining and dynamic (you can use free pictures from sites like or or your own images.)


Description example (all together):





There you have it. I sincerely hope this helps your store increase your results as this is a very comprehensive and effective way to setup your product descriptions. Please apply this diligently if you’re serious about getting where you want to go with your business.


As mentioned this description formula is extracted from our Shopify Conversion Guide and is Just One section from 20 included in the guide. Imagine how much more powerful and professional you can make your store with the rest of the lessons included.


If you wish to grab your copy at the current price, take a deeper look at what you get HERE.


Hope it serves you well. 

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