Why I get Shopify Traffic but No Sales?


I get that you’ve been working non-stop building your store then bringing traffic to it, maybe from ads or from your social media accounts, maybe you’ve worked on SEO or even writing blogs. Anyway the traffic doesn’t convert. Why is that and why is so difficult you ask?


Honestly I blame the countles gurus out there telling people is just as easy as building a store in 15 minutes and running to launch ads on facebook. You’ve seen their screenshots with huge sales numbers I’m sure. It may be a legitimate screenshot, but what they don’t tell you is how much they’ve spent on ads to bring those sales, and how they basically had no profit or even lost money on it.


Reality is this eCommerce business is way more complicated than “looking for hot-selling products”



Allow me to give you this perspective so you can see where you might be going wrong:


Imagine a stranger in the street. He approaches you and shows you some "gold" watches. This stranger has awful teeth, smells horrible, his clothes are dirty and you can’t understand clearly what he’s saying. But you’ve managed to understand he’s selling you “high quality and cheap watches”, that you should buy fast because the low price is for limited time and the price is going up soon. He seems to be in a hurry.


Are you giving this stranger your credit card info? I don’t think so.


A professional web designer takes on average 2 weeks to build a respectable site. You can guess how trustworthy a 15 minute store made by someone without much experience in design is going to look to a regular visitor. Yep, like that stranger.



The sad thing is most people can’t tell the difference so easily. But your customers just feel it as this disinterest in your store, inside, their guts are telling them "no thank you". 


Instead keep in mind this shift in thinking: For an online store to sell, it must look like "a store that sells" or "a store that's been around”. It’s about trust, about what your store looks like, it’s background, where your visitors are coming from, what they know about you and how everything is put together.


It means it must look trustworthy and not have this “stranger vibe" usually coming from out of place elements, low quality images, bad descriptions, gimmicks and too much scarcity apps (like countdowns, visitors count, sales pop-ups, etc) and lots of other things poorly arranged.


It’s very common to see people run ads to their store or spend their time creating posts on social media but it doesn't convert no matter what they do, and that’s because of the same. These visitors from ads are arriving to a store from somebody they don't know and hasn't gained their trust, and the store conversion power is too low to convince them to buy.


So hope this sheds some light for you and you can see some areas of your store you can start improving today to get better results, I hope your store grows sucessfully. Stick around to get more information about how to get a trustworthy business that you can build upon and improve day after day.


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