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Don't now what you're doing wrong on your store that visitors don't turn into sales?


From working with, auditing and analyzing hundreds of stores, and from my 19+ years of experience in the world of Marketing, Advertising, Design and Ecommerce, I’ve come to learn that 99% of stores don't have the right elements in place that are essential so visitors purchase their products.


The usual approach of taking any advice they can get from forums, videos, or hiring freelance developers who can make your store fast and looking good but don't know exactly what make stores sell, wasting money and creating more frustrations than solutions, usually to the point of making you give up. Because when you don't have the right elements on your store:

  • Your traffic bounces off your page in high percentages.
  • Your promotions, discounts, and sales don't bring any conversions.
  • Your ad money goes to waste (and gets more expensive everyday).


The problem is, these issues blocking conversions must be addressed before you start making ads to bring traffic or spending time creating content and social posts, or else it will lead you to lose it all, because your visitors won't convert when there are aspects of your store missing. You’re probably experiencing the problems above right now.


What's most advisable is to set up everything right in order to sell your products easily from your traffic, there are several elements to fix and polish starting with product pages (which most people don't realize, it's the most important part of your store, and where customers make the decision to buy.)


When those elements are taken care of, everything will flow easier. Your visitors will add your products to their cart, they reach checkout in higher percentages and even buy multiple products from your store.


What's better, you start understanding the key aspects of making stores convert that will be with you for life, ready to be implemented on any new entrepreneurial project you might have in the future. Frustrations, confusion and uncertainty will become a thing of the past.


In this New Downloadable Guide, I'm putting together my best knowledge implemented over the years after helping many people improve their store to get more sales, in order to help you do the same at your own pace. In it you’ll learn step-by-step exactly what to fix to prepare your store for conversions, at an Introductory Price available for limited time in order to gather your success story and feedback.


Here’s what’s included in the guide:

  • How to make your customers love your whole store and wish they could buy all of your products.
  • How to optimize your product page so it gives you the best chance to convert visitors into sales.
  • A simple product description template that will entice your customers to purchase.
  • How to add reviews easily to your store, including a simple hack to add reviews even if you haven’t sold any products.
  • Lots more helpful tweaks.


As soon as you purchase this guide, you'll receive a download link via email (check you spam, promotions or junk folders if you don't see it) and you can get to work on fixing your store and improve your results fast.


This purchase is protected by Paypal and you have a 30-day guarantee if for some reason you don’t like this.


You can also contact me with any question you have at or the contact link at the bottom of the page, and I'll reply promptly.


Stop struggling. Start converting.

Customer Reviews

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I really love it's Easy to do...

This is so simple that anyone can implement these changes EASILY with no technical bg or
knowledge. What I really love is that the suggested implementations are really simple to do.

Great! Thanks.

I think this is great for people just starting with their store or struggling to figure out what they’re doing wrong. Thanks again!

This is like Magic!!!

“I implemented the changes and received my maiden order today, this is like magic!!! Thanks a lot!